Traditional Chinese Medicine

We specialise in a traditional method called Dit Dar, this is a traditional method used within Chinese Martial Arts for injuries caused during Martial Arts training. We all also cover day to day treatments for more common types if injuries and ailments

Your questions on Traditional Chinese Medicine answered


What is Chinese Medicine for?

TCM is used as an alternative method of medicine used in China and the Far East for treating many types of injuries and common ailments


What is Chinese medicine helpful for?

TCM treatments can help with a huge number of ailments from back pain to blood pressure control


How many treatment sessions will I need?

The number of treatments needed for each injuries will depend on the type of treatment you may require, each course is specific to each type of treatment

Tiu Na

Tiu Na Sessions

Tiu Na is a Traditional method of deep tissue massage combined with Acupressure points which can help with body alignment and minor muscle and tendon injuries

About the treatments

Whatever your ailment TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has a treatment that may help, our treatments cover areas from Martial Arts injuries caused during training from strains to minor bruising as well as minor ailments like neck strain, muscle strain, bone alignment, back pain, hip injuries and treatments.

You can normally book an appointment for your treatment within 48 hours depending on availability, the longer you wait to seek treatment the longer it may take to effectively treat the problem

What our Clients say

I was suffering from a long term birth leg injury and after several treatments I found I was walking with a more defined upright back and stronger spinal position.
After just one treatment on my shoulder I found that I had much more mobility.
Ching Mo Martial Arts Student

Not looking after your health and injuries may affect you more in the long term and have health implications than you may not know about